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We handle commercial projects across the African Continent

Rossouws Plumbing & Electrical

Rossouws Commercial Plumbing & Electrical

We specialise in large commercial plumbing & electrical services for multi-story buildings, malls, hospitals and property development projects.

We handle any turnkey project, from complete Wet Services design to Plumbing consultancy. We have specialists in Construction Plumbing and electrical , Wet Services, Fire Protection, Irrigation and Plant Construction with the ability to meaningfully contribute to and complete any project on time and within budget.  

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What can we help with

* Water Purification systems,
* Plant Rooms,
* Fire protection swimming pools,
* Irrigation,
* Sewerage Plants

* Electrical Certificate of Compliance,
* Wiring & Re-wiring,
* Repair & Maintenance,
* On site electrical system installs,
* Main electrical feed & Circuit,
Fixtrue & Fitting installs

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Let us handle your project

With more than 13 years experience, we can handle any commercial project

Our Commercial Clients

Our Clients range from Universities to Hospitals and Hotels.


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